The Ultra-Apps Group is a consortium of volunteer legal visionaries, technical experts, and programmers that are testing the waters of moving many popular types of legal applications into a “Cloud Environment”.   In a nutshell, a “Cloud” is putting the application and all your data securely on an Internet site. Once accomplished, you should be able to run the application with just a web browser. No need to install anything on your computer, which means that you can run the application from any computer that has Internet access.  The real challenge is offering the same types of features, needs, and expectations that most ‘must install’ applications come with.  When the rubber hits the road, programming inside the box (exclusively for a browser) for a large number of legal professionals is unique. Therefore, we decided to start with the 90,000 plus Florida Attorneys and get some feedback by moving the creation of Florida Jury Instructions to the Cloud.  With a little luck and some sponsors to cover our expenses, we hope to continue to create new and exciting legal apps that will save money and time for those legal beagles who dare to play in the Clouds.


Thank you for giving it (and us) a try.


The Ultra-Apps Group